Saturday, April 5, 2014

April 5th

It has been a beautiful conference Saturday. We started the morning off with Nash and kades first soccer practice of the season. They have both been really excited and have worn their shin guards around for the last two days. The name of their team is junior bulldogs and their cousin Wyatt is on the team with them. Nash and kade had no problem catching on and did great on the skills and flowed their coaches instructions perfectly. When working on kicking back and forth they were partners and Nash would send the ball flying past kade and kade would go running after it, sit down and pull the grass out for a minute before heading back to Nash. During the game Nash did really well and followed the ball but when dad asked why he didn't kick it he said he never had a turn! So we talked to him about needing to be more aggressive and pushing his way in and getting to the ball and kicking it. Kade held hands with his coaches most of the time but did get put in as goalie
And stopped the ball and threw it back in! To try to get kade more into it I told him if he kicked the
ball twice we could go to carls jr, he was very dissapointed that we didn't get to go but hopefully it will encourage him for next week!

When we got home we let dad and Dax take naps and then watched the second session of conference while Nash and kade played outside. Then we all got to go outside and Dax climbed up the fort and down the slide with his daddy for a long time and then they went on the four wheeler and him and kade threw soccer bombs at me while I was trimming the grass, kade blocked mine with his captain America shield. Then Ashton got to come over and play. It was a really good Saturday! I love it when were all together and it's not very often we get dad on a Saturday so it was the best!

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